Lausanne Gelée
Marcel Freymond, Fabrizio Perghem, Nuria Prazak & Caterina Vigano
18.09 - 04.10.15

Curation: Gabriel Stöckli & Gianmaria Zanda (Sonnenstube, Lugano)

The project is part of an exhibition exchange between Lugano and Lausanne, in wich Sonnenstube and Urgent Paradise decided to swap the respective spaces.

After receiving the UP collective in Ticino in july, now it’s the turn of Sonnentube. The curators decided for a multidisciplinary group exhibition inviting artists from Switzerland and from Italy. They asked them to work about a preconceived title and to think about pecies in situ. Artworks and ideas has been subsequently discussed between artists and curators in collective way. The result is an artshow that works together on a common level despite of the medium differences. The contradictory idea existing in the title induced to an exhibition which show the relations and the tensions between different attitudes and contents. Inside Lausanne Gelée is possible to find the complexity of a world that can’t be ascribed to a simple dualistic interpretation.

*Born in june 2013, Sonnenstube is an independent art space with a regular programmation focused on visual arts and experimental music. Sonnenstube wants to create in Ticino a space for the emerging art scene. A specific attention is given to the inter-disciplinary projects and to the exhibitions which create interaction between the different cultural areas of Switzerland and North Italy.