Love to a Monster
Jonas Van
28.08 - 02.09.19

Love to a monster is a proposal of ephemeral occupation for Urgent Paradise from August 28 to September 2 . The occupation proposes that the La Rotonde - Maladiere space be a belly of a monster and meeting place for reading and discussing non-occidental texts written by gender dissident authors. Thinking displacements and transitions as materiality or escape tool to refute the (art) cistem. How to think an anticolonial future from an erased ancestry? Is gender and body dissident a linguistic problem? How do we fiction language to produce monstrous subjectivities?

The occupation invites artists, curators and interested people for 3 afternoons to discuss artistic creation and processes from an anticolonial perspective and also to question the dissident affinities between south and occidental contexts. During the occupation, people present are invited to write on imported food cartons collected from non-European markets. The written boxes will cover the space glasses for an afternoon / evening in 02/09, during a reading-performance that ends the occupation.